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Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide 2021

November 2, 2021

You know how important it is to decide upon the perfect Christmas jewellery gift for someone special.

Charles Nobel’s Jewellers hope to help make it easier for you this by breaking down how to choose the best Christmas jewellery gifts.

From choosing between earrings, necklaces and pendants to picking a stone, metal, style and setting, we are here to aid in getting this year’s present perfect. 

With so many choices out there and so much importance and meaning behind jewellery Christmas gifts, we’ve put together a gift guide with a few of our top tips and pieces of advice when it comes to finding the perfect piece of Christmas jewellery

Which all begins with one simple question…

Who are you buying for?

It may seem obvious, but finding the perfect jewellery gift starts with more than just knowing a person’s favourite type of jewellery, or if someone prefers rings, earrings or pendants. Everyone has a unique taste in their preferred jewellery styles and designs, which largely depends on our individuality and characteristics.

Paying attention and taking note of the things someone chooses to buy and wear can give you a really good understanding of the styles and jewellery that someone will love. Here are a few things to look out for; 

  • Type (rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants)
  • Style (modern, vintage, bold, subtle, colour, shine)
  • Stone (diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine)
  • Metal (gold, white gold, silver, platinum)

Finding the right jewellery style

Everyone’s tastes in jewellery is unique and beyond knowing things like the jewellery type, stone and metal, there is a lot you can discover about someone’s tastes based purely on their personality alone. 

A few common personality types and characteristics can be people who like bold statement pieces, those who prefer older vintage jewellery, people who want bright vibrant colours or those who prefer a simpler and more understated style. 

One take on this idea from Astrid and Miyu includes some more interesting characteristics or personality types including Magpie’s (who like shimmer and shine), and Maverick’s (who prefer customisation and tailored jewellery).

Jewellery Gift Guide

Picking the perfect stone

Picking the right jewellery gemstone can be difficult, with diamonds being by far the most popular choice for good reason, many people choose a stone simply based on colour, while others often look for deeper meaning.

Gemstone colour can often be the make or break feature of a piece of jewellery, and tends to be something which people have a good idea of what they like and dislike, such as red ruby’s, green emeralds and blue sapphires. 

Another way people choose jewellery gemstones is by their birthstone or star sign, where specific gems have been traditionally associated with different months of the year, such as December being tanzanite, turquoise and blue topaz.

Whoever you’re buying a jewellery gift for this Christmas, pick a gemstone you know they’ll love.

Choosing a jewellery metal

The metal you chose for your Christmas jewellery gift is important, and the key things you need to consider are the colour, weight, price and durability. With options including silver, gold and platinum, here’s a breakdown of the most common metals available; 

  • Silver: the most cost-effective metal, sterling silver is the most common version of this metal and a common preference, however does tend to be more difficult to maintain.
  • Platinum: an incredibly hard metal that lasts a long time, platinum is a modern choice for most engagement rings and has boomed in popularity in recent years.
  • Yellow Gold: a classic metal, yellow gold is very easily maintained and also extremely durable, providing a traditional look but is on the more expensive end of the scale.
  • Rose Gold: similar to yellow gold, this alternative offers a vintage feel and is just as durable and easy to maintain, but has copper content which reacts to some skin types.
  • White Gold: this metal has a contemporary look that is similar to platinum but at a lower price, however is much more difficult to maintain. 
  • Palladium: a common choice for men’s rings, palladium is incredibly durable and easy to maintain, but can be difficult to detail and get tailored or resized.

Choosing the perfect metal for your Christmas jewellery gift should involve considering all of the above elements including colour, price and durability. 

A Selection of beautiful Christmas jewellery gifts

This year we’ve handpicked a few exquisite jewellery pieces that we think make a great selection of gifts for someone special this Christmas, including a range of styles, stones and metals that come together to create something special.

A few of our favourites include the 0.42ct Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings and the 10.19ct Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant Set In Platinum.

Christmas Jewellery

Saying that, our number one way to make the perfect gift this Christmas is by creating something personalised and bespoke, whether it’s designing a setting or swapping a gemstone, our Tailor Made service has seen some of the most breathtaking pieces of jewellery ever given.

Get in touch for more jewellery gift advice, to book a consultation, find out about this year’s Christmas Jewellery Collection or discover how we can help create a bespoke piece for you.

“Piers recently made my wife's engagement ring. He did an exceptional job, it was far better than she ever hoped. Mandy says "Piers you are a Superstar!”


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