Introducing the CN Lab Grown Diamond Collection

CN Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Collection

October 29, 2022

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

After much thought and discussion behind the scenes at Charles Nobel, we decided that Lab Grown Diamonds offer our clients an excellent opportunity to buy an extra special piece of jewellery, crafted to our usual jewellery standards but at a fraction of the cost of the natural product.

We are by no means looking to replace our extensive natural diamond jewellery collection with Lab Grown stones, but by providing this offering, we can better align with our ethos to enable our clients to make educated and informed decisions based on the options they have available.

We believe lab grown diamonds help us in finding the perfect pieces of jewellery for you.  


What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds and naturally formed diamonds are virtually identical and cannot be told apart with the naked eye. There are two ways of creating lab grown diamonds which we cover in more detail in our post What are Lab Grown Diamonds? Which details their history, background and the process of making them. 

Some say that lab grown diamonds are better for the environment as they require less energy to produce but this is contested, one benefit is that lab grown diamonds can be cheaper than their natural counterparts. 

How do we choose our Lab Grown Diamonds?

As with every other diamond or gemstone that we use in our CN Collections, each stone is meticulously sourced from our range of specialist suppliers and then hand-picked by Piers our diamond grader to make sure that they meet our requirements.

Every stone that is set as the centrepiece of each item or by itself is individually certificated by IGI to independently verify the quality and offer our clients added confidence.

Many of the diamonds that we are using in our collection are D colour with excellent or ideal cut grades, producing finished jewellery that is of exceptional jewellery.


About the CN Lab Grown Collection

Not only does our Lab Grown Diamond Collection include our most popular styles of engagement rings and diamond set wedding rings, but we have also collated an exceptional collection of earrings and other pieces as well.

We also have a stock of loose IGI certificated diamonds ready to be picked out and set in any design of ring using our Tailor Made service. Why not pick your own lab grown diamond and design a jewellery piece that’s completely unique to you. 

Shop our new CN Lab Grown Diamond Collection or get in touch with a member of the team for more information, why not drop us a visit in New Milton for a full lab grown diamond consultation?

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