Servicing and Maintaining your Engagement Ring

August 30, 2023

Engagement rings are often the most expensive and important piece of jewellery we ever own. Over the course of time, everyday wear and tear takes its toll, which is why it’s so important to properly maintain your engagement ring.

Whether it’s cleaning and maintenance at home, jewellery repair services, or making changes to your ring, here are some top tips and pieces of advice to help your engagement ring always look as new as the day of your proposal.

Maintaining your engagement ring

The most common piece of advice is to clean your engagement ring regularly (avoid sinks and anything with a drain for obvious reasons!) using warm water with soap and a soft toothbrush which goes a long way in helping to maintain your engagement ring.

There are also a lot of products out there which include cleaning solutions and brushes specially designed for engagement rings, but these will rarely be able to clean your ring as well as a specialist jeweller.

Another common question is things you should avoid doing while wearing your engagement ring, a few of the more obvious ones are while playing sports and doing anything in water, but even things like cooking, gardening, and doing the dishes can cause damage to and dull the appearance of your engagement ring.

Engagement ring repairs

If the worst is to happen and you damage your engagement ring, a repair is almost always an option, even if the ring is completely broken into two parts. Stones can be replaced, sizes can be adjusted, and claws and shanks can be restored.

Specialist jewellers will be able to talk you through any damage that has been done as well as the options when it comes to fixing and repairing your engagement ring. Depending on the circumstances, this can often be a quick and easy process.

One thing we definitely recommend is not trying to fix anything at home, it can often be tempting to try and bend, push, and tinker with your ring to try and get things back in place, but this is more likely to cause further damage than fixes!


Bespoke engagement rings

Another option whether your engagement ring is damaged or not, is to make bespoke changes to your stone, setting, metal and more. A common way people upgrade their engagement rings is by replacing the stone with something bigger and better or adding diamonds to their solitaire ring.

A few other ways people update their engagement rings is by changing the band metal, such as from gold to platinum, to achieve the desired colour and add longevity to the piece of jewellery. 

Our Tailor Made service can help you craft the perfect piece for you.

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