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10 Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Proposing

January 10, 2019

10 most common mistakes men make when proposing

So you’ve made the decision to propose to your partner. However, there are many things that could potentially go wrong when asking your loved one to marry you. To make sure your proposal is one that you and your partner will always remember (for all the right reasons!) read our guide on how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes men make when proposing.

Not being yourself
Many men can’t help but over-think and over-complicate a wedding proposal, which results in them forgetting to be themselves. Your partner fell in love with you for being you, so act natural and be true to yourself when popping the question.

Not personalising the proposal
A marriage proposal should be unique and memorable to each relationship. Avoid copying someone else’s idea as this lacks sentiment. Your partner will want to remember this moment forever; therefore it has to be special.

Letting nerves take over
We understand that asking your loved one to marry you can be a nerve-wracking experience, however don’t let these nerves ruin the special occasion. Carefully preparing and planning how you’re going to propose can reduce these nerves.

Lack of preparation
Proposing does not have to be rushed; instead it should be planned and carefully thought through. Plan where and when you’re going to do it and what you’re going to say.

Telling too many people about proposal plans
You are more than likely going to be very excited about proposing and therefore wish to tell all your friends and family beforehand. However, telling too many people your planning on proposing to your partner increases the risk of ruining the surprise. Try to keep the amount of people you tell to a limited number.

Assuming it’s the right time
Are either of you ready? Have you ever discussed the idea of marriage? Don’t jump the gun when asking your partner to marry you. There is no rush to get engaged. Instead it should be carried out when both of you are ready and the moment is right.

Not knowing if your partner would want a private of public proposal
A public proposal may put a lot of pressure on you and your partner and therefore may not be ideal for everyone. However, your partner may wish to share the special moment with others so this needs to be taken into account.

Not asking for help
Help can be given in many forms such as from friends, family and professionals. Charles Nobel has a range of experts in store ready to offer help when you need it.

Not asking for her parents permission
Asking for her parent’s permission may seem old-fashioned these days, however it is still seen as a sign of respect and will be greatly appreciated from both her and her parents.

Proposing without a ring
An engagement ring is probably the most important part of proposing and if forgotten your partner may be left feeling disappointed. The ring is your chance to demonstrate your love. It will live on her finger for the rest of her life, so make sure that you do your homework!

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