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Bespoke Jewellery: How to Craft the Perfect Piece for You

July 24, 2020

Tailor Made: Beautifully Unique Bespoke Jewellery

For over 40 years, crafting bespoke diamond jewellery has been at the heart of our business.

Jewellery is so personal and meaningful to the individuals that wear them, it should come at no surprise that sharing our passion for bespoke jewellery with so many clients is something that has always inspired and driven our team.

That’s why Tailor Made was born; an extension of heritage and passion, this personalised service allows us to share our expertise through in-store and online consultancy and help people craft the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery for their individual tastes, personalities and styles.

“The service was designed to be a hands-on approach to a customer creating the perfect piece of jewellery for their individual tastes and ideas.”

Deciding on the perfect piece of jewellery for you can be one the most difficult decisions you have to make when it comes to jewellery, which is why we wanted to help guide you through the process to create that perfect piece for you.

Bespoke Jewellery Inspiration

1. Searching for Inspiration for Your Bespoke Jewellery

Getting inspired is the first step. You may already have an idea of your particular preferences when it comes to jewellery, but we find a lot of clients find inspiration through the popularity of modern sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Fancy – the modern-day magazine.

There are a tonne of other ways to find inspiration, however, which may require a little more reading and information than a feed of pretty pictures. Such as looking at specific jewellery brands known for their extremely distinct styles, or reading up on a specialist guide to find out about things like how to choose the perfect diamond.

Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

2. Consulting with a Tailor Made Jeweller

This is where we start to introduce our expertise in crafting bespoke jewellery, guiding you seamlessly through the process and helping to refine your ideas and bring them to life.

We discuss your concept, inspiration, non-negotiables and budget so we have everything we need to present a range of relevant options that can help to further refine what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re visiting us at our New Milton jewellery store or looking for an online consultation, we take a collaborative approach to working alongside you to understand your wants, needs, dreams and desires.

Bespoke Jewellery Selection

3. Selecting the Perfect Piece of Jewellery for You

Based on your individual requirements, our team of expert craftsmen collate a range of options that match your bespoke jewellery criteria, including hand sketches, CAD designs and even existing ‘off the peg’ options to select from.

Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut. We’ll help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery by explaining the benefits of one diamond or gemstone over the other, as well as looking at guiding you through other areas of the jewellery like deciding on a setting design and metal.

  • Carat: The heavier the diamond the more expensive it becomes, choose from a range of different weight options.
  • Colour: Most find it difficult to distinguish between diamond colours, we find colour grades F or G to be the most popular.
  • Clarity: Our collection of diamonds have no imperfections to the naked eye, with clarity VS2 or SI1 being the best value for money.
  • Cut: Cut has the most impact on the brilliance of a diamond and as such is, in our opinion, by far the most important of all the 4 C’s
Bespoke Jewellery Crafting

4. Crafting Bespoke & Personalised Jewellery

With generations of family experience crafting exquisitely unique and bespoke jewellery, we’re specialists in creating hand-finished pieces of jewellery with stunning diamonds and gemstones that perfectly capture what each and every individual is looking for.

Depending on what you’re after; we can use, adapt or combine existing ‘off the peg’ options or alternatively sketch, hand-make or create a CAD before crafting the finished piece. We painstakingly hand-select each and every diamond we have to offer, so our clients have a wide range of highest quality gemstones to choose from.

Bespoke Jewellery Unveiling

5. Unveiling Your Finished Piece

The final step in the journey. This has to be, by far, our favourite part of the Tailor Made process; unveiling the finished piece of bespoke jewellery. 

This is so much more than presenting a usual piece; however valuable and exquisite it may be, knowing that the jewellery we’ve brought to life represents a remarkable and unique story is a feeling that in our experience is second to none.

We’ll invite you into the shop where you can unbox your piece of bespoke jewellery before we discuss the finished piece to make sure everything is right for you.


– An 18ct Rose Gold Cluster Ring we crafted for a previous bespoke jewellery project.

Get in Touch with a Bespoke Jewellery Designer

With Tailor Made and bespoke jewellery at the heart of Charles Nobel, our range of diamonds and jewellery offer exceptional value and quality, with even our certified stones being hand-selected with no imperfections to the naked eye.

We believe that by offering exceptional value and expertise, we’re able to provide a personal and meaningful experience with bespoke jewellery that has a level of sentimental value that the latest fashionable trends or designs are often missing.

“Piers and his father were with us every step of the way to help us select the perfect engagement ring and answered all our questions. It was refreshing to work with a family run business who genuinely care about traditional customer service. We are so happy we chose Charles Nobel to share this once in a lifetime experience.”

– Anonymous, London

For help finding inspiration or deciding on the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery for you, book a consultation or find out more about our Tailor Made service.

“Piers recently made my wife's engagement ring. He did an exceptional job, it was far better than she ever hoped. Mandy says "Piers you are a Superstar!”


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