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Beach Proposal Ideas

January 10, 2019

Beach proposals are a popular choice and it’s easy to see why. Beaches are a favourite spot for many couples; whether it’s a summers day sunbathe or a crisp autumn walk, there’s nothing more relaxing and romantic than the sand between your toes or the sounds of the ocean.
If you’re looking for some tips on how to make your proposal extra special, read our unique beach proposal ideas below.

Sunrise proposal on the beach
If you and your partner are early risers, why not suggest a spontaneous trip to the beach to see the sunrise? Fewer sights are more spectacular than the first glimmers of sunlight reflecting on the water. There are fewer people around when the sun is rising which creates a much more private and secluded feel to your proposal. Don’t forget to pack a flask of coffee and blankets to add that extra touch of romance.

Writing in the sand proposal
This may seem like a simple beach proposal idea but sometimes the simple ideas are the best. However, we do have some tips on how you can put your own spin on it to make it extra special: Find a beach location with an amazing high-rise view and let your partner read your message below. It’s the last thing your future fiancée will expect when relaxing on a roof top bar. Why not try writing something a little different? Write a romantic quote from your favourite film or song – just try to choose something that’s not too long!

Message in a bottle proposal
This proposal idea can be very effective if you really put some effort in. While you can easily get your hands on a message in a bottle kit online, we recommend heading to an antique store or auction to get something more authentic. Make sure you get some great parchment or handmade paper (remember, your partner is likely to keep this!) before writing a love note or poem which is personal to both of you. Once you have your message just right and corked in your bottle, you can either get a friend to place this on the beach just before you see it, or separate yourself to hide it in the ideal location. By the time the penny drops that this isn’t real, you’ll be down on one knee.

Boat trip proposal
Cast your mind ahead to the peaceful sound of the waves as you sail into the sunset with your fiancée. What better way to begin your engagement than on a romantic boat trip? Find a local charter which can offer you a private and unique experience. Depending on your budget, you can include champagne and dinner – or you can bring your own. Just remember to consider whether your partner is prone to seasickness first!

Hidden shell proposal
If the beach that you have in mind has beautiful shells, take a trip down together to collect some. Ask a friend to hide your ring in a shell beforehand and make sure it’s easy to spot. Ask your soon-to-be fiancée if they like the special shell. Once they have picked it up and opened it, that’s your cue to be ready on one knee. If you’re too nervous to hide the precious ring in a shell, hide a heartfelt note in it or write a message on a heart-shaped pebble and produce the ring at the right moment.

Horseback riding proposal
If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, why not consider a romantic horse riding trip with your loved one. You and your partner will be so exhilarated from the amazing experience that you have shared, there can only be one way to make it better; by getting down on one knee when it’s over! You may need some previous horse riding experience for a beach ride so make sure you look into this far in advance.

5 Things to consider if you are proposing at the beach:

Check the weather forecast
While this may sound obvious, it’s easy to forget when the nerves set in. Make sure that you check the weather forecast to make the most of your special moment.

Ask your friends for help
Creating an elaborate beach proposal is not always easy on your own and you can’t be in ten places at once. Don’t forget to ask your friends for help on the day.

Check the calendar
The beach can be private and secluded but it can also be bustling with people. Make sure you check the events calendar so that your proposal doesn’t get overrun with tourists.

Ask a tour guide for advice
If you are going to a beach which is not local to you, ask a tour guide for advice on the perfect spot.

Don’t forget those extra touches
If your beach is private and secluded, there may not be anyone around to pop open some champagne or give you a blanket if it gets cold. Remember to have this all to hand.

There are so many great ways to propose at the beach and we hope that these help you to choose one that’s right for you. With all this planning, it’s easy to forget to relax and enjoy the experience; whatever you choose you will remember it for the rest of your lives. If you are still looking for the perfect ring, we have a wide selection of engagement rings for all budgets. Don’t see anything that’s for you? Try our Tailor Made service and create your own bespoke engagement ring.

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