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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

January 10, 2019

Your partner will want to wear her engagement ring for the rest of her life, so it has to perfect. This how-to guide will provide you with all the information you need to help you purchase the perfect engagement ring.

1. Establish Your Budget
How much should you spend? A common rule is that a man should spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring. We believe, however, that you should forget the rules and simply establish the amount of money that you feel comfortable spending. It doesn’t necessarily matter how much you spend, as long as the ring is of great quality and value. Before making your purchase, find out if your loved one would prefer a ring that has been passed down through generations (her grandmother’s engagement ring, for example).

2. Discover Her Ring Size
In order to ensure that the ring you buy will fit your partner’s finger, sneak one of her rings out of her jewellery box and take it to a jeweller to have it measured. Make sure it is a ring that she doesn’t wear often and is unlikely to notice is missing.

3. Determine Her Style
Does your partner prefer gold, silver or platinum? Is she traditional, classic or modern? All these questions can be answered by looking at her current jewellery collection. You could also ask for help from her best friend or a family member to whom she is particularly close. It is important not to tell too many people about the proposal plans, however, as someone could accidently let it slip and ruin the surprise.

4. Selecting the Perfect Diamond
There are many questions surrounding which diamond to choose, and they all revolve around the four Cs – Clarity, Colour, Carat and Cut.

5. Going Bespoke
You may decide that you want to buy a bespoke engagement ring, for a more personal touch. This method is unique and can hold a lot of emotional value for you both.

6. Give Yourself Time
Remember that it can take a while for an engagement ring to be ready for you to collect, and even longer if you are purchasing a bespoke ring.

7. Choose a Jeweller You Can Trust
It is important that you purchase your engagement ring from a trusted jeweller, to ensure you are getting a great quality ring. Make sure they have a diamond certificate and read reviews to discover if their previous customers were satisfied with their purchases. You could even ask for recommendations from your married friends and family.

Charles Nobel is proud to be a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths and the Company of Master Jewellers. We are also a recommended platinum dealer.

8. Insure the Ring
To put your mind at rest, it is a good idea to insure your engagement ring, in case it ever gets lost, stolen or damaged. Get a valuation from your jeweller when purchasing the ring. Charles Nobel gives free valuations.

9. What Happens if She Doesn’t Like the Ring?
Before purchasing the ring, make sure you can return it if your partner is not happy with it.

At Charles Nobel we offer a 30-day return policy (see Terms and Conditions).

10. Still Unsure?
If you are still not sure about how to purchase the perfect engagement ring, why not browse our engagement rings or alternatively get in touch with an expert at our New Milton store? We are more than happy to help!

“Piers recently made my wife's engagement ring. He did an exceptional job, it was far better than she ever hoped. Mandy says "Piers you are a Superstar!”


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