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How to propose: In Public or Private?

January 10, 2019

When planning to ask your partner to marry you, it’s important to consider if she would prefer a public or private proposal. Not all women will want a public proposal, as they may find it pressuring and embarrassing. Not all women will want a private proposal, however, as they may wish to share the special moment with others. Wherever you decide to propose, make sure it is a special moment that you and your partner will want to remember for the rest of your lives.

Proposing in Public:
Proposing in public may be the best option for you and your partner if you feel you want to share the moment with the other people closest to you – or the world! One’s thing for sure when proposing in public, it will certainly be a moment the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives. If you decide to propose in public, it’s important to carefully plan beforehand, as any mishaps, such as forgetting what you want to say, will be witnessed by your audience as well as your loved one.

Ideas for a public proposal:

  • Take your partner to her favourite tourist spot
  • Take her to the place you had your first date
  • Propose during the interval of a theatre production


  • Creates a sense of occasion and will therefore be hugely memorable
  • Can be incredibly creative and unique
  • Perfect if your girlfriend enjoys being the centre of attention and sharing her joys with others
  • There’s a good chance that someone will take pictures and/or videos, so you can treasure the moment forever


  • Your partner may be embarrassed or feel pressured, especially if she’s shy
  • A lot can go wrong if not carefully planned
  • Venues may be strict about what they will allow. Some places, for example, do not allow photography
  • Consider the weather conditions – have a back up plan just in case it rains!


Proposing in Private:

If public displays of affection are not your thing, you and your partner may prefer a private proposal. This option ensures an intimate and romantic moment for you both.

Ideas for a private proposal:

  • Take your partner to a secluded beach and propose at sunset
  • Take a romantic walk under the stars and end it with a proposal
  • Cook her favourite dinner in the comfort of your own home and pop the question after a candle-lit dessert


  • An intimate, personal moment shared between just the two of you
  • She won’t feel pressured or embarrassed
  • Free of distractions from others


  • She may wish to share the special moment with others
  • There are limitations on how grand it can be. For creative and unique ideas for proposing at home, see our guide.

If you are still unsure as to which proposal method is for you, why not combine the two? Propose in private and invite friends and family to celebrate with you both afterwards. And if you need any help finding the perfect ring, you can view a small selection of our engagement ring range online. Alternatively, contact us for an appointment or visit us in store.


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