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Ideas For Proposing at Home

January 10, 2019

A public proposal may not be everybody’s cup of tea and you may favour a private proposal instead. A proposal at home offers the opportunity for it to be more of an intimate moment between the two of you.

Read our 10 unique ideas on how to propose in the comfort of your own home.

Breakfast in bed
Treat your future fiancé by making her breakfast in bed. Place the ring in the center of the tray or if you’re feeling more creative, place the ring in an empty eggcup. If you are planning on proposing this way, ensure you make the entire day special for your fiancé so she will remember it forever.

Make a candle lit dinner
Cook your partner her favourite meal and tie the ring around a champagne flute or place on the table in amongst a centerpiece. Try to avoid placing the ring in amongst the food as this may be seen as being ‘too cliché’.

Make sure you’re not in the kitchen all night, as you will want to give your partner your full attention. To avoid this you could decide to cook the dinner ready for when she returns home from work.

Run a romantic bath
Run your partner a bath surrounded with scented candles and rose petals. Put on relaxing music for the finishing touch. As for the ring, you could place it in one of the bath petals- but make sure you put the plug in the drain!

Violinist/ harpist performance
Surprise her by hiring a violinist/ harpist for the evening – this could go hand in hand with a fancy dinner. In order to keep this a surprise, get the performer to hide and set a visual cue for when they should start playing.

Flash mob of friends and family
This idea may take a lot of organising, however it would be perfect if your partner would want to share this moment with other important people in her life.  This could also be a lot of fun for the both of you.

Treasure hunt
Set up a treasure hunt around the house, giving her clues, which relate to your relationship together. These clues could be questions about your relationship that she must get right in order to receive a hint. Once she solves the treasure hunt she will find you on one knee with the ring in your hand.

To give the treasure hunt a romantic touch make a trail with rose petals or cut out paper hearts.

Incorporate pets into the proposal
If you have a pet, you could attach the ring to its collar and get the pet to bring her the ring. If you don’t currently have a pet, but she has been hinting about how she wants one, you could buy her one and again attach the ring to its collar.

Pamper day
Treat your loved one to a pamper day. Buy lots of massage oils, face-masks and fragranced candles. You could give your loved one a facial and place cucumber on her eyes- when she takes them off you could be down on one knee ready to pop the question.

Mixed tape of her favourite songs
Create a mixed tape of all of her favourite songs and end it with asking her to marry you. This is a personal and creative way to propose. It also shows how well you know your partner by proving that you know her favourite music.

Set up a romantic setting in the garden
Place a trail of rose petals throughout the house that leads to the garden were you will be down on one knee ready to propose. Decorate the garden with fairy lights and candles. For an even more romantic touch you could arrange the fairy lights to read ‘will you marry me?’

5 Things to Remember When Proposing in the House:

Know her routine
If you are planning surprising your partner make sure you are organised before she gets home from work. You don’t want to realise that you have forgotten something as soon as she walks in the door!

Get the timings right
If you are cooking her favourite dinner or running a bath for when she returns from work make sure you get your timings right. You don’t want the food or the bath water to go cold.

Make sure it remains a surprise
It’s important that whatever idea you choose to do remains a surprise from your partner. You could even purchase a blindfold to ensure she doesn’t see any clues.

Get her the day off work if necessary
If you want to treat your partner all day long, ring her boss and ask if she can take the day off. In order to not ruin the surprise you could throw her off by telling her you’re planning on taking her away for the day/ weekend.

Stock up on everything you need in advance
Make sure you have bought everything you need for the engagement to run smoothly. Stock up on rose petals, champagne and candles. It is crucial that you make sure you hide everything well so that your partner doesn’t come across any of it.

The main thing to remember when proposing at home is to be unique and true to your relationship. Getting engaged is a very personal experience that the two of you will want to remember for the rest of your lives, so make it special! Visit our beautiful range of engagement rings to find the perfect ring for your special someone.

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