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Share Your Love Story Winners

March 5, 2019

Thank you to everyone that entered our competition and shared their love story with us, it has been an absolute pleasure reading them all and seeing the beautiful photos.

Obviously, in a competition like this it is very hard to choose a winner but we are delighted to say that we have chosen Afshin and Jason. Congratulations to the lovely couple! Here is their love story in their own words:

Jason and I met in Pisa, Italy when we were both travelling Italy as solo travellers. We both were staying in a hostel and it was both of our first night there. I sat on my own having dinner and reading a book, when I was called over to join a group of people where Jason was sat. We got talking, then as a group took an evening walk around the town and the next day saw each other again, exchanging details. We decided to take a trip to explore a small town together the following day and decided to keep in touch when we got back to the UK.

In January 2019, we were travelling around Western Sicily, Italy and on 27th January Jason and I travelled up to Erice to explore the castle grounds and see the views on a clear day. As we walked around the castle gardens, I walked over to the edge to look over to the stunning view. As I turned around to call over to Jason, I found him on one knee holding a ring box in his left hand.

I was totally taken back and surprised, so started laughing thinking it was a joke, but as he opened the ring box and asked me “Will you marry me?” I quickly realised it was all real. Overwhelmed, I began to cry and didn’t know what to say, so he prompted me “You say yes or no” and so I shook my head saying, “Yes” as Jason put this beautiful white gold diamond ring on my left hand ring finger, making us an Engaged couple.

“Piers recently made my wife's engagement ring. He did an exceptional job, it was far better than she ever hoped. Mandy says "Piers you are a Superstar!”


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