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10 questions to ask yourself when choosing a jeweller

February 12, 2019

It is crucially important that you choose to purchase your partner’s engagement ring from a jeweller you can trust. You’ll want the ring to be of perfect quality, and to know that the jeweller will be there for you if you encounter any problems. When selecting a jeweller, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do Their Diamonds Have Certificates?
Diamond certificates ensure you can guarantee the quality of cut diamonds. Jewellers are given diamond certificates by an unbiased third party body to testify each diamond’s value. Avoid jewellers who self-certify, as high standards cannot be guaranteed.

2. Do They Have a Returns Policy?
It is important that you know that you can take the ring back if necessary. Your partner may not like the ring, for example, or it may simply not fit. Make sure the jeweller you choose offers a fair return policy.

3. Do You Feel Comfortable in the Store?
Are the employees in the store friendly and polite? Do they listen to your needs? You are likely to want help from the staff in store, so it is important they make you feel comfortable, valued and listen to your queries.

4. Are the Staff Knowledgeable?
Choose a jeweller whose in-store staff demonstrate a huge amount of product knowledge. It must be clear they really know what they are talking about.

5. Have You Read Many Positive Reviews About the Store?
Research each of your potential jewellers online and read any reviews written about them. If the majority of reviews about a store are negative, avoid it.

6. Do Any of Your Married Friends Have Recommendations?
Find out where your married friends bought their engagement rings, as they may be able to give you a recommendation or some hints and tips.

7. Does the Store Have a Long-Standing and Credible Reputation?
In order to guarantee you purchase a great quality ring, choose a jeweller with a credible reputation. Furthermore, consider whether they are likely to still be around in five years’ time, just in case your ring needs fixing or you would like to purchase a matching wedding ring.

8. What Warranties and Guarantees Does the Store Offer?
Just in case your engagement ring gets damaged or is faulty, find out if the jeweller offers any warranty or guarantee policies.

9. Do They Repair Jewellery?
It’s important to know that if something happens to your ring, that you can get it repaired quickly and correctly, so choose a jeweller that offers repair services.

10. Finally, Can You Trust the Jeweller?

Key things to remember:
• Expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best
• Don’t be pushed into buying a ring that you don’t think is perfect for your partner
• Be careful when purchasing a ring online, as you cannot check the quality. Ensure that the jeweller is trusted and that the diamond has a certificate.

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